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"Four Wheel Drive"

Zero to Infinity: Buddy Emmons

This week we said goodbye to Buddy Emmons, one of the world’s great musicians and subject of three prior Zero to 180 pieces.  Here is but a *45-second live demonstration (beginning to end) of Buddy Emmons’ singular genius with the pedal steel guitar: “Four Wheel Drive” (live) Buddy Emmons (1965)

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"Raisin' the Dickens"

Danny Gatton & Buddy Emmons: Kings of Steel

DC Week (actually, fortnight) concludes its special run with a joyous instrumental romp from the Federal City’s formidable guitarslinger, Danny Gatton, joined by pioneering pedal steel virtuoso, Buddy Emmons, from their short-lived incendiary partnership, The Redneck Jazz Explosion: “Raisin’ the Dickens“ Redneck Jazz Explosion (1978) This performance of Buddy Emmons‘ composition

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"DC's the Telecaster Town"

Fact: DC’s the Telecaster Town

Jake Flack of The Rhodes Tavern Troubadours makes an airtight case for proving that the Nation’s Capital truly is the Telecaster town – and he’s not afraid to name names: “DC’s The Telecaster Town“ The Rhodes Tavern Troubadours (2002) * Danny Gatton & Evan Johns flying blind Roy Buchanan Bill

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