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Frank ‘The Riddler’ Gorshin on King Records

From Nilsson‘s brilliantly sung end credits for 1968 cinematic bomb, Skidoo, we learned that the film’s director, Otto Preminger, once essentially paid $7,600 to appear on an episode of TV’s Batman.  How interesting then to learn that Cincinnati’s King Records has its own – albeit indirect – connection to television’s

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"Sitting Here on a Tongue"

“Sitting Here on a Tongue”: What’s a Grodeck Whipperjenny?

Six of the eight songs on the debut album by The Grodeck Whipperjenny were recorded in Cincinnati’s King Studios on February 5, 1970.  “Sitting Here on a Tongue” is the album’s kick-off track: “Sitting Here on a Tongue” The Grodeck Whipperjenny (1970) Jimmy Madison – Drums Michael Moore – Bass

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