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"Juanita Jones"

Juanita Jones — In The Driver’s Seat At ASCAP?

Billboard‘s special October 19, 1968 issue devoted to ‘The World of Country Music‘ includes a 2-page article by Bill Williams – “Ladies in the Driver’s Seat” – that highlights a number of Nashville’s powerful female executives who worked without fanfare behind the scenes within the country music industry. Williams devotes

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45 sides +/- obscure tracks

1960s Musical Artists – We Hardly Knew Ye

In the course of compiling arresting ads from four of the major music industry trade publications — Billboard, Cash Box, Record World, and Beat Instrumental — I came across a number of artists from the mid-to-late 1960s who had announced themselves with great fanfare and youthful optimism, only to vanish

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60s/70s rock +/- pop

Arresting Ads From the Archives of Billboard, Cash Box, Record World & Beat Instrumental

[April 2023 update = streaming audio now included] From browsing back issues of the major music industry trade publications, I’ve discovered that Record World is refreshingly focused on just the music, and not, say, coin-operated amusements (i.e., Cash Box) or circuses, fairs, and the entertainment industry (Billboard). Beat Instrumental from

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