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"Hamburger Patti"

“Hamburger Patti”: Boy Flips Over Burger Gal

Veteran songwriter/producer/arranger, Marty Cooper, wrote and produced this teen drama send-up — “Hamburger Patti” — that was arranged by seasoned West Coast session guitarist, Al Casey and attributed to The Inconceivables: “Hamburger Patti” The Inconceivables (1966) To my ears, it sure sounds like Casey and Cooper were able to hire

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"Swanee River"

The Great American Songbook – Southern California Style

Last year in Philadelphia I picked up a 2-LP various artists compilation (of “previously released material”) called California U.S.A. – originally issued in 1981 on Columbia: Surprisingly, my buddy, Tom Avazian – a gifted record collector – had never heard of it.  This hodgepodge of 60s and 70s singles/rarities that

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