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Columbia Studios (Nashville)

Nashville’s Mid-Century Moderne Musique

Nashville’s music industry — a massive driver that contributes $5.5 billion to the local economy, for a total output of $9.7 billion in the Nashville area, according to a 2013 Cluster Analysis conducted by the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce — began its ascent in the 1950s and ’60s. Surely

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"Juanita Jones"

Juanita Jones — In The Driver’s Seat At ASCAP?

Billboard‘s special October 19, 1968 issue devoted to ‘The World of Country Music‘ includes a 2-page article by Bill Williams – “Ladies in the Driver’s Seat” – that highlights a number of Nashville’s powerful female executives who worked without fanfare behind the scenes within the country music industry. Williams devotes

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"Ode to Big Joe"

“Ode to Big Joe”: Big Joe Talbot, That’s Who

Thanks to the contributor of YouTube’s only audio clip of “Ode to Big Joe,” I now know which country singers are being affectionately parodied by The Willis Brothers in this song. Question:  Can you close your eyes and identify the four music legends being spoofed? Scroll down for the answer

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