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Too Far or Not Enough – The Consensus on Lennon?

The overwhelming majority of Beatle novelty and tribute songs were released in the first flush of Beatlemania when the Fab Four were at their peak level of cuddliness.  However, with the release “John You Went Too Far This Time” — in direct response to John & Yoko‘s controversial Two Virgins

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"Love The Boy Who Loves You"

The Buggs: Low-Budget Beatles

Upon playing the debut (and only) album by The Buggs, once discovers that the band, in their particularly mercenary bid to piggyback off The Beatles‘ success, utilized song titles as simple vessels for parking exotic English place names and popular dance moves, with no consideration whatsoever for the song’s actual

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"What You're Doin' to Me"

Mike Condello: Musical Satire Can Also Be Good Pop

Outside of Phoenix and Los Angeles, most people have never heard of Mike Condello – and that’s a shame.  Although best known as musical director of children’s TV show, The Wallace and Ladmo Show, Condello is also notable for beating The Monkees to the punch by creating a Beatles knock-off

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