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Tag: Another missed opportunity for 'irony'

"Rockin' in Baghdad"

“Rockin’ in Baghdad”: Another Missed Opportunity for “Irony”

Speaking of old songs that take on a whole new meaning when considered against a modern geopolitical context (see previous post about Cat Stevens), Capitol US released a 45 in 1957 that featured “Rockin’ in Bag[h]dad,” a song that I very well could have imagined playing in the background during

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"I'm Gonna Get Me a Gun"

Cat Stevens Once Desired a Gun

During the first phase of the Iraq War when tensions were really high, we all remember the news media having a field day when Mr. “Peace Train” himself, the former Cat Stevens (now Yusuf Islam, born Steven Demetre Georgiou), was discovered to be on the US government’s no-fly list and considered

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