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"She's So Fine"

Jimi Hendrix (and Beatles & Stones) on a K-Tel Album?

It still boggles my mind that Ronco somehow found a way to compile an album featuring tracks from top pop acts – Jimi Hendrix, Buffalo Springfield, The Beatles, and The Byrds – one would not normally associate with TV-advertised hits labels, such as Ronco. Jimi Hendrix — 3rd artist listed

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"Aerial Boundaries"

Hedges & Jordan: Two-Handed Tappers

The most radical thing about Emmett Chapman‘s Stick is that it requires you play the neck of a guitar like a piano, with each hand playing an independent part and the fingers tapping the strings in a keyboard-like fashion.  As Alphonso Johnson stated in that 1979 Rolling Stone piece, “Most

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"Google Eye"

Nashville Teens: 60s Internet Advocates

Yesterday’s piece about The Nashville All-Stars inspired me to take a closer look at a 1960s beat group that has generated positive buzz among the musical cognoscenti — The Nashville Teens.  Taking a peek at their 45 releases quickly revealed a startling discovery:  The Nashville Teens were musical clairvoyants who

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