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"Love Lots of Lovin'"

Rx: Love (Lot’s of Lovin’)

So, have you figured out the pattern yet?  It’s still early, I know, but congratulations to those who correctly deduced that Zero to 180 is paying tribute to Allen Toussaint (who left us exactly one week ago) by taking a little “time walk” – one that began last Friday with

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"Go Cat Go"

“Go Cat Go”: Norma Jean Co-opts the Rockabilly Battle Cry

I like how the beleaguered singer of this song ironically subverts the mythic rockabilly refrain “Go Cat Go” into a cry of liberation from her no-good, double-crossing partner: “Go Cat Go“ Norma Jean (1964) Norma Jean’s demand for independence (penned by Harlan Howard) peaked at #8 on Billboard‘s Country chart

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