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“Strange Locomotion”: Perplexingly, the Singer is Not American

The title track of 1971’s Strange Locomotion might easily give one the impression that singer Kevin Coyne and his musical companions are good ol’ boys playing southern soul and boogie — however, Siren is strictly a UK aggregation:

“Strange Locomotion”     Siren     1971

Siren - Strange Locomotion LPElektra would release “Strange Locomotion” as the A-side of a 7-inch release in 1971.  45Cat reviewer, The Toad, humorously describes the 45 as “mid-tempo rock, with bluesy touches and Kevin Coyne’s unmistakable vocals; about as commercial as Siren ever got. The ‘B’ side is a sparse late-night bluesy ballad.”

Strange Locomotion 45

Kevin Coyne:    Vocals/Guitar

Nick Cudworth: Piano/Guitar

Dave Clague:    Bass/Guitar

Mick Gratton:    Lead Guitar

Tat Meager:       Drums

A Dandelion U.K. Production

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