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“South American Getaway”: Sunshine Pop’s Case of the Blahs

This track sounds like a collaboration between Burt Bacharach and Brian Wilson – only it isn’t.  Although it wants to be:

South American Getaway

Burt Bacharach

Just like The 5th Dimension‘s “Dimension 5ive,” this is technically a vocal tune yet one without lyrics.  It also has that sunny Southern California vibe – at first – but by song’s end, I would have to describe the overriding emotion as closer to melancholy.  Sunshine pop contemplating its navel … orange.

I found this Burt Bacharach composition – “South American Getaway” – on the soundtrack to the film, Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid – released 1969, roughly the same time period as “Dimension 5ive.”  These two songs together might comprise sunshine pop’s “progressive peak.”

Zero to 180 heartily applauds Japan — the world’s only country to issue “South American Getaway” as a single — for having “the ears” to hear the song’s vastly underexploited commercial potential.

45 picture sleeve


(Oct. 1970)


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