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“Small Beginnings”: Shorter vs. Longer Version?

Early Yes guitarist, Peter Banks, and vocalist, Colin Carter, formed prog-rock ensemble Flash in Summer 1971, signing with Sovereign, an EMI/Capitol subsidiary label, and recording their first album in November (with early Yes member, Tony Kaye on keyboards).  By 1972 the group had a Billboard Top 40 hit right out of the gate with debut single “Small Beginnings” (#29) and album, Flash (#33).

Flash - publicity shot

Ray Bennett – Bass & Backing Vocals
Mike Hough – Drums & Percussion
Peter Banks – Guitars & Synthesizer & Backing Vocals
Tony Kaye – Organ, Piano & Synthesizer
Colin Carter – Lead Vocals & Percussion
Producer – Derek Lawrence

“Small Beginnings” was also included – in edited form – on several hits anthologies, including 1972 K-Tel compilation, 22 Explosive Hits Volume 2:

Small Beginnings (K-Tel mix) – Flash

[Pssst:  Click the triangle above to play “Small Beginnings” (K-Tel mix) by Flash.]

K-Tel's 22 Explosive Hits

Apparently, the difference in song length between the album version of “Small Beginnings” and the mix offered by K-Tel is not insignificant — here, for purposes of comparison, is the full-length album version:

Q:  Which version do you prefer?


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