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Rolling Stones — 1964 Cereal Advert

According to Video Beat, Brian Jones wrote this Rolling Stones Rice Krispies jingle (shown only in the UK) with the J. Walter Thompson advertising agency, who created this 30-second spoof of pop music TV show, Juke Box Jury:

Billboard reported in its April 2, 2012 edition:

On Sunday’s Mad Men, Heinz executive Raymond Geiger (John Sloman) suggests to Don Draper (Jon Hamm) that he get The Rolling Stones to sing a version of ‘Heinz is on my side’ set to their hit song ‘Time Is on My Side‘ for the commercial promoting the company’s baked beans.

Draper and Harry Crane (Rich Sommer) set off in pursuit of The Rolling Stones, managing to set up a meeting backstage at their concert at the Forest Hills Tennis Club.  Don is dubious but Harry says, ‘The manager sounded greedy.’

Once they arrive at the concert, the meeting keeps getting delayed and Harry and Don end up talking to a couple of college women who managed to get backstage.  When one expresses skepticism to Don that the Stones would do a commercial, he says, ‘They did one for cereal in England … three years ago.’  The coed rolls her eyes.


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