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Roger ‘Jellyroll’ Troy: Soul Rocker

Roger Troy‘s band, Jellyroll – as we learned from the previous piece – had inked a contract with Kapp Records around the same time Rick Powell and Wayne Perry enlisted Troy’s help on their “Pain” b/w “Gonna Have a Good Time” single.  Troy would co-write the flip side of the band’s debut single, “Help Me Over:

Help Me Over

Jellyroll (1970)

NOTE:  streaming audio of full album — “fast forward” to 13:10

Roger Troy:   Lead vocals & bass
Tim Hedding:  Keyboards & backing vocals
Ed Setser:  Guitar
Stu Perry:  Drums & percussion
Les Asch:  Alto, tenor & baritone saxophones
Dave Parkinson:  Tenor sax
Bob Thorne:  Trumpet
Cosme Joseph Deaguero:  Conga

Curiously, Kapp would issue a total of two singles for Jellyroll — and “Help Me Over” would be the B-side for each one!

Photo courtesy of The Roger “Jellyroll” Troy

Facebook page

Roger Troy

According to the person who posted this audio track on YouTube, Troy’s musical career would include a professional association with these artists:

This same person would also note that at least three of the band members (Tim Hedding, Ed Setser & Les Asch) had prior experience with James Brown, Bobby Byrd, Alfred “Pee Wee” Ellis, and/or The Dapps.

CLICK HERE for an extensive history of James Brown backing back, The Dapps

1970 Kapp LP

Jellyroll LP cover

Roger Troy would have a hand in writing all but two of the songs on their debut Kapp LP. has this historical note about the album:

This LP probably was released in 1970.  At the very least, a promotional copy was available to radio as early as July 1970.  It was listed on playlist reports by WLOF (July 17), KTLK (August 13), and KLIV (September 3).

German picture sleeve

Jellyroll German 45

US 45

Jellyroll 45

New Zealand 45

Jellyroll NZ 45

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  1. I had the privilege to jam with Roger n become great friends.. Text me back at gresh.steve@gmail com. He got me passed stage fright n showed me that i Was the best Harmonica player he had heard in years…. I miss his intel…. So looking for anyone interested in a harp player. That can still kick it on any music??,

  2. met these guys at the round up club in erlanger ky. we played their breaks, as the music never stopped. they covered blood, sweat, and tears perfectly. learned a lot watching fat eddie setser and lonnie rose(rip), round up house band guitarist.

  3. Tim Hedding passed Oct. 11, 2017. R.I.P. Our brother will live in our hearts forever. Tim shared his talent around St. Petersburg, Fla. for many years. Lucky for us! Will miss playing music and talking with you about your time with James Brown, Jellyroll, Bonnie and Delaney, Gregg Allman (who Tim propped up more than once), etc. Hopefully someday we’ll unite and start anew, until then you will live in our heart.

  4. Years ago I picked up a box of records at a market. One of the records was a “Test Pressing” of their first album. I have it posted in Discogs. “Help Me Over” is on that pressing. I’ve never heard of this band until that time. Since then, I listened to it many, many times. I’ve researched this band It’s lead me to an array of albums and artists who have incorporated Roger ‘Jellyroll’ Troy into their music. Just phenomenal!

  5. I was playing with the Jimmy Dye Band in Indianapolis, a mutual friend told us about Rodger, he was playing in a group called The Magnificent Seven at The Holyoake . We went to hear them Rodger was playing bass and singing, never heard a white singer sing so . We had a drink together, and I was hooked onR&B forever.

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