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Rocksteady “Rain”

One other noteworthy “Beatle-related moment from 1967”:  Jamaican rocksteady version of Fab Four 45-only release “Rain” that almost certainly features the musical backing of Lyn Taitt and his fabulous Jets:

“Rain Rock Steady”     Tomorrow’s Children     1967

Says Copasetic Mail Order about this 1967 debut release from Tomorrow’s Children:

“Tomorrow’s Children were probably favored by uptown youths rather than downtown Rudies because of their funky, hard hitting sounds and lyrics.  With those elements, they successfully created own killer style, which can be undoubtedly heard with ‘Bang Bang Rock Steady’. The group also versioned the Beatles’ ‘Rain’ in fine Rocksteady style.  The original record was released in 1967.  The original 45 will set you back a fortune. Killer tune – guaranteed dancefloor filler.”

Tomorrow's Children-bTomorrow's Children-a

The A-side “Bang Bang Rock Steady” would be, amusingly enough, a cover of Cher’s #2 1966 hit that features the “trilling” sound of Lyn Taitt and his fluttering lead guitar lines:

“Bang Band Rock Steady”     Tomorrow’s Children     1967

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