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= Rare & Unissued King Tracks =

N O T E !

Critical Update — January 11, 2017

Due to “bandwith” issues, this dense, graphics-laden micro-history of King Records from the mid-1940s to the early 1970s has been temporarily archived in order to make room for an epic Silver Spring, Maryland music history trilogy:  (1) a Track Recorders detailed studio chronology ‘re-boot’; (2) followed by an encore Track Recorders history piece featuring chief engineer, Bill McCullough; and (3) capped off with a comprehensive history of Gene Rosenthal‘s Adelphi Records.

Stay tuned to this space for a link to “Rare & Unissued King Tracks” when it returns …

Final Update — August 31, 2017

Alert!  “Rare & Unissued King Tracks” has since been restored — click here

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