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Purple Reign – from 1968!

One has to wonder whether the Columbus, Ohio combo – Purple Reign – sought legal counsel over the homophonic similarity of the band’s name with the title of Prince’s career-defining album (22 million sales worldwide to date) and movie from 1984, Purple Rain:

“Wish You Didn’t Have to Go”     Purple Reign     1968

Note the singer’s ingenious use of “home-spun” echo on the song’s chorus — who needs expensive gadgetry and special effects when you can be your own Echoplex?

How fun to see (as a former Ohio State student who frequented record shops) that Used Kids Records (a subsidiary of Columbus-based School Kids Records) sold this 45 a couple years ago for sixteen bucks.  As Buckeye Beat notes, this 7-inch recording is a “split” single, which means a different artist on the flip side — in this case, Touches of Gold.

Check out Hillside‘s built-in ad on the 45 label itself:  “For Rent Guitars – Amps – Microphones – Organ – Piano – Speakers – P.A. Systems”:

Purple Reign 45

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