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“Pokušaj”: Nutty, Anthemic

Thanks to my neighbor and good friend, Paul – who hails from the UK – I have had the opportunity to take in the annual spectacle known as the Eurovision Song Contest, something I’ve read about for years in British music publications.  Most of the offerings, unfortunately, are fairly forgettable, but I will always have a fond spot in my heart for Bosnia & Herzegovina’s contribution to the 2008 contest — “Pokušaj” by the artist, Laka:

“Pokušaj”     Laka     2008

Especially within Eurovision’s vapid, escapist context, I found myself taken with the song’s peculiar hat trick of combining several teaspoons of nutty flavor with big fistfuls of soaring pop anthem – one of the few distinctive pieces of songcraft offered that year, in my humble opinion.

And yet I found myself to be the only one in the room who was genuinely excited by this song and the group’s exuberant performance.  I recall sending this video clip to a few of my more musically-inclined friends shortly after the event only to face universal derision.  Am I the odd man out here?  Sally Field asks that you please like the tune.

Laka would produce an official video for this song, as well as a maxi-single on CD.

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