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“Pogo in Togo”: Circus Punk

A doff of the cap to Tom Hutton, who brought over all his Eastern European records and cassette tapes one day so we could put together a special mix of Balkan-related rock and pop.  One of the humorous highlights on this compilation is “Pogo in Togo” by German pop punksters, United Balls, from 1981:

Pogo in Togo

United Balls (1981)

This video would later be banned by Ringling Brothers/Barnum & Bailey

Discogs (which today celebrated its six millionth submission!) tells me that the song began life, interestingly enough, as a B-side on its one and only RCA single before the band would subsequently feature it as an A-side on the (slightly less prestigious) Jupiter label.  United Balls would then get signed to Virgin, where the band would release one album and at least four singles before saying Auf Wiedersehen.

LINK to United Balls singles discography

United Balls 45a

German funk-metal parodists, J.B.O., would update the song as “Dio in Rio” for their 2007 album, I Don’t Like Metal – I Love It!:

Dio in Rio

J.B.O. (2007)

Funny lyrics

Particularly if you know your German geography (can’t say that I do)

Kid Rock in Rostock
Queen in Wien
Biohazard im Spessart
Aber Dio in Rio

Slayer in Marbella
Dio in Rio
Jethro Tull in Schwäbisch Hall

Nirvana in Ghana
Pink Floyd in Bayreuth
Van Halen in Aalen
Iron Maiden in Schwejden

Beastie Boys in Neuss
Dio in Rio
Motörhead in Norderstedt
Korn in Paderborn

Dio in Rio
Led Zeppelin in Eppelheim
Thin Lizzy in Brindisi
Dio in Rio
Pantera in Gera
Winger in Minga
Nickelback in Scheißndreck!


LINK to German Pop on Zero to 180

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