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“Peter Pan”: No Longer Unreleased

Among the bonus tracks on the CD release of two albums The Peanut Butter Conspiracy that recorded for Columbia — The Peanut Butter Conspiracy Is Spreading (1967) & The Great Conspiracy (1968) — is a tune by the name of “Peter Pan“:

“Peter Pan”     The Peanut Butter Conspiracy     1967

For a musical work that, in its day, was deemed insufficient for release, “Peter Song” does have an interesting structure and chord arrangement, plus the lyric’s unclothed yearning for everlasting youth makes the song especially relevant for our present day.  Is it coincidental that the title of their next (and final) album would be, For Children of All Ages?

PBC plays FenderNext to the song title on the track listing it says “unreleased” in parentheses.  But wait — shouldn’t that read “previously unreleased” since, after all, Sony/Collectables did, in fact, release the song on this very CD reissue as one of its bonus tracks?

PBC disclaimerFrom the pen of Columbia publicist, Billy James

Because of the enthusiastic response to the P.B.C.’s single, and at the suggestion of Bruce Lundvall, the title of one of the sides wil be Turn On a Friend to the Good Life, instead of Turn on a Friend.  This should make it clear that the Peanut Butter Conspiracy does not advocate converting the nation’s radio listeners into a bunch of dope fiends.  O.K.?

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