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Otis Williams + Fetching Chorus

I love the wordless chorus that kicks off this classic single recorded at Cincinnati’s King Records studio by Otis Williams in 1962, “When We Get Together:

“When We Get Together”      Otis Williams     1962

Released with “Only Young Once” as its B-side — both songs recorded July 19, 1962.   Says Billboard in its August 18, 1962 edition:


♠♠♠♠ “When We Get Together” — Williams, fresh out of a two-year stint in the service, turns out a good, dramatic ballad job to a smart, steady beat.  Femme chorus helps.  Good side that could move.  (Lois, BMI)  (2:59)

This song is an example of what music enthusiasts & scholars might deem “popcorn” beat.  As it turns out, “When We Get Together” is not a remake of the original 1955 DeLuxe recording by The Charms but rather a different song written by “Ray Starr” a.k.a., Ray Pennington.

    1955 DeLuxe Single by “the Charms”   1962 King Remake by “Otis Williams”

Otis Williams DeLuxe 45Otis Williams King 45

Auction Alert!

In 2009, someone (from France) paid the equivalent of $810 in US currency to own an original copy of the 1957 DeLuxe album release Otis Williams And His Charms Sing Their All-Time Hits.  Expect to pay three figures for your copy.

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