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Now I Wanna Mosrite 45 Record

I love the Mosrite ‘guitarslinger’ tradition that links Joe Maphis, Larry Collins, The Ventures, Johnny Ramone, and Kurt Cobain.

Mosrite Guitar-aaMosrite Guitar-bbMosrite Guitar-ccMosrite Guitar-ddKurt Cobain playing concert

Zero to 180 recently stumbled upon the fact that Mosrite had a short-lived record label — Mosrite Records – for which Joe & Rose Lee Maphis would record a couple singles, including “Tunin Up for the Blues” in 1967 (most likely):

“Tunin’ Up for the Blues”

Joe & Rose Lee Maphis (1967)

Joe & Rose Lee had preceded this 45 with debut Mosrite release “Write Him a Letter” b/w “Send Me Your Love A.P.O.”   Mosrite would issue one more 45 – albeit a promo – featuring one track by Rose Lee, “Country Girl Courtship,” and one by Joe suitably titled, “Pickin’ & Guitin’.”

She gets the A-side

Mosrite Records-a

He gets the B-side

Mosrite Records-b

Mosrite Corrects the Record (so to speak)

Billboardin its September 3, 1966 edition – ran a correction for Mosrite Records that reads as follows:

A Correction:  Mosrite Records Full Page Ad in Buyer’s Guide should have read ‘Music Capital of the West’ rather than ‘Music Capital of the World’  Mosrite Records – Bakersfield, California.”

Joe & Larry-aJoe & Larry-b

Twin Doubleneck Mosrite Guitars: 

Joe Maphis & Larry Collins – Live!

Flying Fingers” by Joe Maphis & Larry Collins (195?)



August 27, 1966

Mosrite ad with Joe & Rose Lee


Special Event!

Joe Maphis 100th Birthday Celebration

August 7, 2021

1812 Brewery – Cumberland, Maryland

Deke Dickerson & Kyle Eldridge with Jody Maphis

Six hands playing a doubleneck guitar

Rose Lee Maphis

Special guest of honor

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