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Nobody Bothers Nils Lofgren

Long-time DC music fans are likely very familiar with this remarkably tuneful work-for-hire product (“Nobody Bothers Me“) created by none other than Nils Lofgren for Jhoon Rhee Self Defense — but for everyone else, this might be a revelation, especially those who seek out examples of advertising jingles that bring honor to the art form:

“Nobody Bothers Me” – jingle created by Nils Lofgren for Jhoon Rhee

Check out the other YouTube comments attached to this video — many affirm the degree to which this jingle will remain permanently embedded in their memory.

Nils Lofgren, in his Q&A within Washingtonian‘s June 2015 issue informs the masses:

“I wrote and recorded it at Bias Studios in Falls Church [VA].  We just found an old 16-track master.  I got paid with free lifetime classes, which I haven’t really taken advantage of.  There’s a band [OK Go] who play it live.  It’s become a kitschy cult classic.”

Nils Lofgren “word cloud”

Bullets FeverWashington Bullets Fever:  Here to Stay

The same DC-area folks referenced at the top of the piece are likewise just as familiar with Nils Lofgren’s earnestly rocking Washington Bullets jingle from 1978 that came solely from his quill:

Cautionary Note:   This is the eighth Zero to 180 piece tagged as “Music in Advertising

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