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Nashville Teens: 60s Internet Advocates

Yesterday’s piece about The Nashville All-Stars inspired me to take a closer look at a 1960s beat group that has generated positive buzz among the musical cognoscenti — The Nashville Teens.  Taking a peek at their 45 releases quickly revealed a startling discovery:  The Nashville Teens were musical clairvoyants who foresaw the digital age decades before the rest of us with their prescient piece of pop prognostication, “Google Eye“:

The Nashville Teens

Google Eye” (1964)

The Teens were not actually from Nashville, USA (and no relation to The Nashville All-Stars) but rather a bunch of blokes from Britain (Weybridge, Surrey).  “Google Eye” would be their second 45 release in a string of singles spanning the 1960s that would include a mix of covers – “Tobacco Road“; “All Along the Watchtower“; “The Lament of the Cherokee Indian Reservation” – as well as originals.  How interesting to learn that “Google Eye” (1) was actually written by a Yank, John D. Loudermilk, and that (2) the song was so far ahead of its time that the record label would consequently misspell the title as “Goggle Eye” on a number of 45 releases:

Musical misspellings

Goggle Eye 45

(45 picture sleevesfrom top to bottom)

Italy; Germany; somewhere

Nashville Teens 45-aaaNashville Teens 45-cccNashville Teens 45-bbb

The Nashville Teens would also release a musical roll call in tribute to the rock ‘n’ roll pioneers who came before — “Revived 45 Time” — as well as a lament to the “Tennessee Woman” who would ultimately turn her back on them and break their collective heart.


LINK to Musical Roll Calls on Zero to 180


Bonus Bit!

Music Business

Jan. 31, 1965

LINK to “Learning The Hard Way

The Nashville Teens received an education on their first tour of the U.S.

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