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“Musical Fight”: Most Literal Song Title

Musical Fight” by The Crashers is, literally, a fight set to music —

Musical Fight

The Crashers (1970)

Produced in 1969 by Sonia Pottinger and released as a split single with Stranger & Patsy (“True Love“), this B-side — renamed “Target” — would be released in the UK the following year, albeit enhanced with additional melodic content.  For the first few seconds of the song, you can hear the engineer hold down the “flange” of the tape reel, slowing down the song’s intro — a manual technique known as tape flanging.


Reggae & Strings

You’ve Gone Too Far

Syrupy strings would seem to undermine the menacing broken-bottle sound effects in this special mix of “Musical Fight” with spoken intro — a naked bid, perhaps, to use strings as a way to lighten the sound and help pave the way commercially?

“Musical Fight” – with pizzicato

a.k.a. “Target

A YouTube commenter helpfully points out that The Crashers (a.k.a., Gaytones) were the house band for Sonia Pottinger’s recording studio.


LINK to Musical Fights on Zero to 180

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