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“Move It on Over”: Banished to LP

I love how the staccato guitars emulate the sound of scratching fleas as a result of the song’s protagonist being banished to the doghouse in this retooling of Hank Williams:

Rose Maddox

Move It on Over” (1960)

John Maddox & John Newman:  Guitar
Henry Maddox:  Mandolin
Allen Williams:  Bass
Henry Shropspire:  Drums

The indispensible Rockin’ Country Style website answers the burning question as to why this surefire winner of a 45 is not listed in any of the singles discographies:  LP track only.  Why Capitol didn’t issue this stellar track from Rose’s first solo album as the A-side of a 7-inch release is a mystery to me.

Rose Maddox LP

The One Rose LP — recorded June, 1959 at Capitol’s Hollywood studio, with producer Ken Nelson at the helm — was released January, 1960.

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