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“Meu Piao”: Disco Nova

In the late 1990s I took a chance on a CD at Marshall’s (from the cheap-o bins they use to keep near the register) by Astrud Gilberto — the 1960s singer who helped popularize bossa nova.  The title of the disc, Gold, was not only misleading but annoying, since these ten songs had already been sequenced (differently) and released in 1977 as an album entitled, That Girl From Ipanema.

Astrud Gilberto LP

The standout track for me is “Meu Piao” – sounds like a club hit from the original disco era, and yet it appears never to have been released as a single:

“Meu Piao”      Astrud Gilberto     1977

I particularly enjoy the elegant disco stylings of the session bass player toward the end of the song.  I find it funny, though slightly maddening, that these extensive musician and production credits for this album list two notable session bassists – Ron Carter and Will Lee –  and yet still fail to name the artist responsible for the nice fretwork on the bass guitar for “Meu Piao”!

Song written by Alfredo Ricardo do Nascimento (a.k.a., Zé Do Norte)

3 Responses

  1. Oh, this brings me back to my trip to Salvador, the hostel played this song in it’s mix over and over again. Love it. Have my own Brazilian pandora station that also mixes it in frequently.

  2. If you liked that, then you should like Rita Lee’s (former Os Mutantes band member) and Tutti Fruti’s ‘Agora é Moda’ — an apparent 70’s parody of disco, but crazy good. It’s on a 2006 compilation called ‘Brazilian Beats Brookland’ available on Amazon and iTunes.

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