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Maryla Rodowicz: Hippy Dippy Pop from Poland

Debated whether to buy this album for a buck, since I know next to nothing about Polish pop music, but ultimately I was swayed by the clothing and hairstyles, which needed no translation:

Maryla Rodowicz-b

Would you be stunned to learn that this album was released in 1969?  There are some surprisingly contemporary sounds amongst these songs – fascinating to see which elements of Western culture were able to penetrate “the Iron Curtain” at that time.

Yes, this group is named for the singer on the front cover:

Maryla Rodowicz-a

How interesting to find that this album predates the extensive list of Maryla’s recordings on Wikipedia that begins in 1970 and continues through 2011.  I found one track in particular, “Za Gorami” (“Over the Hills”), to be rather evocative of its time:

Maryla Rodowicz – Za Gorami

[Pssst:  Click on the triangle above to play “Za Gorami” by Maryla Rodowicz.]

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