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“Mandolinia” vs. The Remarkable Riderless Runaway Tricycle

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A battle has suddenly erupted between two formidable foes who share a common sound — the analog synthesizer.  Not just any analog synthesizer sound, mind you, but a deep burbling one:  pulsating and insistent.

Ronnie Montrose LP

In this corner, wearing a strangely intricate electronic eyepiece, we have Ronnie Montrose with his instrumental composition, “Mandolinia” from 1978’s Open Fire album:


Ronnie Montrose (1978)

Ronnie Montrose – Mandolin, Mandocello & Guitar
Edgar Winter – Synthesizer [Moog Bass]
Jim Alcivar – Sequencer
Rick Shlosser – Drums

In the opposite corner, wearing an ill-advised sleeveless t-shirt, we have the menacing and flatulent opening theme of Scholastic Video’s interpretation of Bruce McMillan‘s classic children’s story, “The Remarkable, Riderless Runaway Tricycle” – also from 1978 (and in the key of D):

The Remarkable, Riderless Runaway Tricycle


Note — after the video’s opening sinister synth theme, you can move the cursor down to the 8:20 mark for a longer disco version of the synthesizer theme from this beginning sequence.


And the winner is…

Ronnie Montrose — in a first-round knockout while blind-folded.

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