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“Major to Minor”: Disharmony in Love

Major to Minor” by The Settlers is a tuneful slice of sunshine pop with a clever lyric that uses musical terminology as a metaphor for romantic discord:

Once I thought, “Life is going my way!” – it was just like a beautiful song.
When you came, well I thought you would stay – now it seems everything has gone wrong.
Major to minor.
All the dreams that I had were so big and so grand, they burst like a toy balloon.
Major to minor.
It’s the wrong harmony, and we can’t find the key.
We’re so far apart, I can’t even start the tune.
Once our love had original words, but I’ve heard them again and again.
Some old song you can sell to the birds, when it turns to the bitter refrain.
Major to minor.
Take my hand, let me show you the way, and I’ll sing you a beautiful song.
When I find all the right things to say, you’ll forget everything that went wrong.
Major to minor.

I love the crisp and commanding “clickbass lines – I would not be surprised if they were played by the same excellent session player who performed on Cat Stevens’ debut album.

This song would appear to have been only released in the UK (as well as Europe) and thus largely unknown to American ears.  Arranged, produced, and co-composed by Tony Hatch — released in pop’s peak year, 1967.  I originally stumbled upon this piece of polished pop on the compilation of tracks from the Pye label, Paisley Pop.

Title of B-side?

Brace yourself –

I Love ‘Oo Kazoo, ‘Cos ‘Oo Love Me

Major to Minor 45


LINK to Sunshine Pop on Zero to 180

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