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“Luxury Dreamride”: Surprisingly Affordable

When’s the last time you heard an instrumental on contemporary hits radio?  I was talking with my brother about this, and we both agreed that “Where’s My Thing?” from Rush’s 1991 album, Roll the Bones, was the last time we remember hearing an instrumental on modern pop terrestrial radio.  Did I miss any instrumental hits between then and now?

Apparently, I’m not the first person to conceive the idea of an Instrumental Hall of Fame, but if one were to actually exist, I would readily nominate “Luxury Dreamride” by longtime renegade DC band, The Beatnik Flies, as one of my first selections:

Luxury Dreamride – The Beatnik Flies

[Pssst:  Click the triangle above to play “Luxury Dreamride” by The Beatnik Flies.]

Beatnik Flies LP We can thank The Beatnik Flies for helping to reignite the instrumental as a potent musical form back in 1984 when they released their debut album, From Parts Unknown, which included “Luxury Dreamride” – written by guitarist/vocalist, Joe Dolan, and brought to life by guitarist/vocalist, John Stone, bassist/vocalist, Kenny Bugg, and drummer, Britt Conley.  This first album — produced by then-Slickee Boy, Mark Noone — was released domestically here in the States, as well as in France, curiously, on the New Rose label.

The band might be fascinated to learn that this track has been used as part of a physical therapy regimen for infants born prematurely.  Research has shown that this instrumental, in particular, improves heath and vitality – yet science has not yet been able to explain why.

Beatnik Flies

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