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“Love a Go Go”: Stevie Answers Smokey?

I recently picked up a copy of Stevie Wonder’s 1966 album, Uptight, and was intrigued     to discover that Motown chose one of the stronger tracks – “Love a Go Go” – to lead off the album while at the same time electing to hold back the song from single release.  Curiously, a total of five songs from this “breakthrough” album for Stevie Wonder were issued on 45s, and none of them included “Love a Go Go”:

Could the song title be a playful riposte to Smokey Robinson’s big hit of the previous year, “Going to a Go Go”?

Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands

The Lime were a band of young rockers from Ohio who apparently were also surprised Stevie Wonder never released this song as a single – so they did it themselves.  Their 45, which originally came out on the Westwood label, was later picked up nationally by Chess and made it to #1 in – of all places – Lubbock, Texas and Sharon, Pennsylvania. Click here to learn the rest of the story from The Lime’s Steven Sanders.

Love a Go Go - The Lime

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