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Lord BooBoo’s Lone 45 – on King

Lord BooBoo‘s lone single release on King Records would end up being the calypso singer’s entire recorded output!  Michel Ruppli’s 2-volume King discography reports that Lord BooBoo laid down these two tracks – “De Knife, De Fork, De Spoon” b/w “No Man and Woman Get Along” – in New York City (under the supervision of Henry Glover, almost certainly) on April Fool’s Day, 1957.

“De Knife, De Fork, De Spoon”

Lord BooBoo (1957)

Note that this single was issued on 10-inch (78) as well as 7-inch (45) vinyl.

Lord BooBoo 78-aLord BooBoo 45-a

Zero to 180’s Midwest correspondent, Mike ‘Rep’ Hummel, notes that Earl Robbins, the song’s creator and undoubtedly Lord BooBoo himself, recorded a couple of split singles that same year for Cincinnati label, Gateway, where (as you might recall) my brother’s father-in-law served as vocalist under the pseudonym, Jack Daniels.

Earl Robbins 78

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  1. Herbie Lanes orchestra-Patti
    Just so you are aware, Daniels is my father’s mother’s maiden name. The great grandparent Daniels are buried in Spring Grove.

  2. Thank you . Now if I could only purchase the video ” The Magic” . It has Nick Clooney talking about Cincy Coney Island. My father was in a detergent commercial and I dint even recognize him. It must be very old. I saw it on WCET but they wouldnt let me buy it. Of course that was 20 years ago. DUH

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