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Lord BooBoo’s Lone 45 – on King

Lord BooBoo‘s lone single release on King Records would end up being the calypso singer’s entire recorded output!  Michel Ruppli’s 2-volume King discography reports that Lord BooBoo laid down these two tracks – “De Knife, De Fork, De Spoon” b/w “No Man and Woman Get Along” – in NYC on April Fool’s Day, 1957.

“De Knife, De Fork, De Spoon”     Lord BooBoo     1957

Note that this single was issued on 10-inch (78) as well as 7-inch (45) vinyl.

Lord BooBoo 78-aLord BooBoo 45-a

Zero to 180’s Midwest correspondent, Mike Rep Hummel, notes that Earl Robbins, the song’s creator and undoubtedly Lord BooBoo himself, recorded a couple of split singles that same year for Cincinnati label, Gateway, where (as you might recall) my brother’s father-in-law served as vocalist under the pseudonym, Jack Daniels.

Earl Robbins 78

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  1. Herbie Lanes orchestra-Patti
    Just so you are aware, Daniels is my father’s mother’s maiden name. The great grandparent Daniels are buried in Spring Grove.

  2. Thank you . Now if I could only purchase the video ” The Magic” . It has Nick Clooney talking about Cincy Coney Island. My father was in a detergent commercial and I dint even recognize him. It must be very old. I saw it on WCET but they wouldnt let me buy it. Of course that was 20 years ago. DUH

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