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The Lonesome Valley Singers – Top 10 Truck Driving Album

A list of the top 10 truck driving LPs would most certainly have to include this scrappy little album on quirky label, Diplomat, home of just about everything and everyone, including Sister Rosetta Tharpe, The Beatle Buddies, The Ska-Men, The Monterey Brass, Dick Dale, those Santo & Johnny knock-offs, Dan & Dale – and The Lonesome Valley Singers.

1966 LP Truck Driving Songs features memorable songs – all originals – such as this wistful album closer about the never-ending highway, “Up and Down the Road Again“:

Up and Down the Road Again – The Lonesome Valley Singers

[Pssst:  Click the triangle above to play “Up and Down the Road Again” by The Lonesome Valley Singers]

According to Discogs, The Lonesome Valley Singers are also known by other aliases:



Bonus Track!

One Million Miles


LINK to Truck Driving Songs on Zero to 180

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