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“Loneliness”: Band’s Name Might Make You Laugh

I remember hearing this song in the late 70s being played on rock radio in my mid-sized American city located somewhere in the Ohio Valley adjacent to Indiana and Kentucky (okay, Cincinnati, if you must know):

Loneliness” is the kick-off track of this band’s 1978 album, The Man Who Built America – produced by Steve Katz of Blood, Sweet & Tears/Blues Project fame.  Around the time of release, I obtained a copy of the album and once played “Loneliness” for a friend.  My friend asked me the name of the band and then laughed when I told him:  Horslips.

Moral:  Stay in School

Horslips on tourWikipedia tells me that Horslips is/are “an Irish Celtic rock band that compose, arrange and perform songs based on traditional Irish jigs and reels” and are “regarded as ‘founding fathers of Celtic rock’[1] for their fusion of traditional Irish music with rock music [who] went on to inspire many local and international acts.”  But when you then scroll down to the footnotes and check out the bibliographic reference for footnote #1, it simply says “dead link.”   Thus, I need to qualify by saying Horslips are the alleged founding fathers of Celtic rock.

By the way, 45Cat contributor, BEATLEJOHN, affirms that “Loneliness” (which also saw release as a 7-inch) got “considerable radio play in the States” despite not charting.

Loneliness - Horslips 45

Note that the label’s initials, DJM, spell out those of former Beatles publisher, Dick James.

Glad to see that the band is still active and will hopefully be touring your town sometime in the near future.

Ad in DC’s Unicorn Times – December, 1979

Horslips - Unicorn Times

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