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Little Mummy’s Lone Federal 45

This other one-off recording from 1957 – released on King subsidiary label, Federal – establishes a Cincinnati-New Orleans connection via musical artist, Little Mummy (i.e., Marvin Gauthreaux):

Where You At Jack

Little Mummy (1957)

Where You At Jack” and its flip side “Oh Baby Please” were both recorded in New Orleans.

Little Mummy 45-aaLittle Mummy 45-bb

45Cat informs me that Marvin Gauthreaux also recorded as Phil Marvin on at least two singles for different Louisiana labels.

Little Mummy picture sleeve

“Where You At Jack” included on a thoughtfully compiled double LP of King material – Teach Me to Monkey – released on Spanish label, Vampi Soul in 2010 and issued, thankfully, on Gusto here in the US.  In 2010, Vampi Soul would also reissue “Where You At Jack” as a King 7-inch backed with “That’s It Man” by The Valentines on the flip side.

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  1. Hello! I’m not sure if I know you but Marvin Gauthreaux “Little Mummy “ was my Dad. I have been searching for his music for many years. Hearing this today was truly special. Do you happen to have any of his other music? If so I would love to have a copy or if you could share it I would truly appreciate it.

    Thank you,
    Shannon Gauthreaux Arnold

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