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“Library”: Where Books Are Free

It is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to a local library that served our community with honor and steadfast dedication these past 58 years — this Sunday there will be a closing ceremony.  Silver Spring’s public library is the only branch in our county system that has been designed in a distinctive Frank Lloyd Wright-esque “prairie style” architecture.

SS Library-aSS Library-bSS Library-dOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Hopefully this blog piece will pressure the county to repurpose the building as an intergenerational recreation center instead of allowing the building to be razed in order to put up (yet another) high-priced condo in the downtown area.  May the building continue to serve the fine people of Montgomery County for generations to come as it was intended to!

“Library”     Cursor Miner     2003

Biblio Pop:  You’re Overdue to Check Out These Library Songs

Marian the Librarian”     Arthur Godfrey     1958

Library Love Affair”     Brian Hyland     1960

A Trip to the Library”     Barbara Baxley     1963

Harlem Library”     Kenny Lynch     1964

Library Book”     The Faders     1979

Lines from the Library”     Shriekback     1983

Library Song”     Bill Roper     1987

Under the Library”     Circus X3     1988

(Going to the) Library”     The Girls     1990

At the Library”     Green Day     1991

Lisa Librarian”     Velocity Girl     1993

Fabulous Library”     Eyeless in Gaza     1993

Love in the Library”     Jimmy Buffett     1994

Library Girl”    His Name Is Alive with Dara     1994

Library Rap”     MC Poindexter & the Study Crew     1995

Faster Pussycat to the Library!”     Sam Phillips     1996

Library Song”     Tom Chapin     1996

Sweet Librarian”     Railroad Jerk     1996

Lost in the Library”     Saint Etienne     1997

Library Card”     Arthur & Friends     1998

The Librarian”     Hefner     1998

Library on Fire”     Lux Occulta     1999

Library Card”     Frank Zappa     [1999]

Queens of the Circulating Library”     Coil     2000

Library Girl”     Boyzvoice     2000

I Am the Sub-Librarian”     Piano Magic     2001

Library Grrrl”     The Grrrlscouts     2002

Library”     Cursor Miner     2003

Reference Librarian”     Robert Lopresti     2003

Librarian”     Jonathan Rundman     2004

Librarian”     Haunted Love     2006

The Librarian”     Nine Horses     2006

Shouting in the Library”     Popple     2007

Librarian”     My Morning Jacket     2008

The Librarian Song”     Joe Uveges     2008

Joyce the Librarian”     Liz Ryan     2009

Ten Year Librarian”     Junius     2009

The Librarian”     Laura Jane Scott     2010

I Want to Be a Librarian”     Rebecca Angel     2010

Libraries Are the Cemeteries of Ideas”     Tinsel Teeth     2010

Library Rock”     Maynoe & Howie     2010

Library Pictures”     Arctic Monkeys     2011

Dewey Decimal Rap”     Melvil Dewey     2011

I Love My Library”     Lunch Money     2012

Library Girl”     Reina del Cid     2012

The Library Song”     David Llywelyn Brown     2012

Sexy Librarian”     Luther Red     2012

The Librarians Are Hiding Something”     Swingin’ Utters     2012

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