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Lester Flatt Can’t Tell the Boys from the Girls

WFMU Rock & Soul Ichiban‘s Greg G hilariously pairs this Dear Abby snippet against this streaming audio clip of Lester Flatt’s wry jab at hippie hairstyles:

“I Can’t Tell the Boys from the Girls”     Lester Flatt     1971

“I Can’t Tell the Boys From the Girls” – the A-side of Lester Flatt’s debut single for RCA, released January, 1971 – was the kick-off tune to his first RCA long-playing album release, Flatt on Victor.  Song was written by Lester Flatt, with help from Bob Leftridge.

Lester Flatt:  vocal & guitar
Josh Graves:  dobro & vocals
Vic Jordan:  banjo
Roland White:  mandolin
Paul Warren:  fiddle/vocals
Jake Tullock:  bass/vocals
Jerry Carrigan: drums
Hargus Pig Robbins:  piano

Flatt on Victor was recorded November/December,1970 at RCA Victor Studio in Nashville.

Lester Flatt LP

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