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“Legend of the Big Steeple”: Spectacular Spire

Nice tremolo effect on the piano in this bittersweet tale (written by Charles Underwood) about how the good people eventually got their steeple:

Legend Of The Big Steeple

Porter Wagoner (1960)

This 1960 recording, issued on an RCA 45 both in the States and in Australia, was finally gathered up and included on 1969 compilation album, Country Feeling.

Country Feeling LP

“Legend Of The Big Steeple” was an A-side in the US, but alas, a B-side when issued Down Under.


Staggering Output:

A Country Music Thing

Porter Wagoner wasn’t the only country artist who released multiple albums a year; nevertheless his output in the mid-60s to early-70s was pretty prodigious:

Year    # of albums

1962          2

1963          3

1964          2

1965          1*

1966          4*

1967          2*

1968          2

1969          2*

1970          3*

1971          3*

1972          3

1973          2*

1974          2

1975          1

*plus one or more hits packages


LINK to José Feliciano & His Own Staggering Output

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