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“Legend of the Big Steeple”: Spectacular Spire

Nice tremolo effect on the piano in this bittersweet tale (written by Charles Underwood) about how the good people eventually got their steeple:

The song, issued on an RCA 45 both in the States and overseas, was also included on Country Feeling, the second  of 4 albums [!] released in 1969 for Porter.

Country Feeling LP

                             Staggering Output:  A Country Music Thing

Porter Wagoner wasn’t the only country artist who released multiple albums a year; nevertheless his output in the mid-60s to early-70s was pretty prodigious:

Year          # of albums
1965          3
1966          5 + gospel album + hits package
1967          2
1968          5
1969          4
1970          5 + 1 hits package
1971          4 + 2 hits packages
1972          5
1973          4
1974          3


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