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Large Larry Asks, “Are You Ticklish?”

A chronology of releases on the Brunswick label reveals Large Larry‘s one and only 45 – “Are You Ticklish?” (#55245) – to be the single that immediately preceded Jackie Wilson’s Top 40 hit, “Shake! Shake! Shake!” (#55246) from 1963:

“Are You Ticklish”     Large Larry     1963

That makes three, the number of compositions whose titles include “ticklish” (Culture’s “Ticklish Ghetto” & René Touzet’s “Ticklish Mambo” + Large Larry’s “Are You Ticklish?“).

Also from 1963 – “Love Is a Ticklish Affair” by Jack Jones.  From 1975, “Are You Ticklish” by Carly Simon.  Also, 1982’s “Ticklish Situation” by Janet Moore.  That makes six songs.

Interesting that Carly Simon follows pop’s unwritten rule (of omitting the question mark) that Large Larry boldly defies.

Large Larry 45

Larry Kusik Had a Hand in Writing These A & B Sides:

Letter on His Sweater”      The Kittens     1960

Lop-Sided Over-Loaded”     Brian Hyland     1960

Dance Only with Me”     Robert Knight     1961

I Just Want”     Ronny James      1961

You Got Love”     Wes Farrell     1961

Mrs. Santa Claus”     Bet E. Martin     1961

The Bell That Couldn’t Jingle”     Paul Evans     1962

Pakistan”     Ritchie Adams      1962

La Dee Dah”     Danny Peppermint      1962

Clicky Clicky Clack”     The Turban     1962

Girl Talk”     Barbara Chandler    1963

Cinderella Baby”     Johnny Cymbal     1963

Army Green”     Dale Brooks     1964

Don’t Monkey with Me”     The Lollipops     1964

Please Don’t Cry Anymore”     Ketty Lester     1964

Second Window Second Floor”     Clyde McPhatter     1964

Patience Baby”      King Williams      1964

Now You Tell Me”      Ritchie Dean      1964

Hugo”     Linda Hall     1964

Happy Guy!”     Rick Nelson     1964

Everlasting”      The Four Evers     1964

Wake Up     The Elegantes     1965

A Bench in the Park”     The Jive Five     1965

You and Nothing More”     Rita Da Costa     1965

My Place”     The Crystals     1965

Stand Up Like a Man”      Bettye Lavette      1965

A Miracle”     Gene McDaniels     1965

Crazy Like a Fox”     Link Cromwell     1965

The Man with the Cigar”     Herman’s Hermits     1965

“Circus Girl”     Bernadette Carroll     1965

I Wish You Were a Girl     Cathy Carroll     1966

Happy Summer Days”     Ronnie Dove     1966

It’s More Than I Deserve”      Joey Gee      1966

Fiddle Around”      Jan & Dean     1966

Pink Sugar and Purple Salt”      Sammy Turner     1966

“Escape from Cuba”     The High and Mighty     1966

“Everybody Do Like I Say”     Rock & Roll Society     1966

Like Adam and Eve”     The Reflections     1966

Gotta Be a First Time”      The Riot Squad     1967

Another Endless Day”     Suzanne Dennie     1967

The Real True Meaning of Love”     Frankie Laine     1967

In the Sunshine Days”     Dick Glasser & Company     1967

No One Knows”     Every Mother’s’ Son     1968

Just for Tonight”     The Chiffons      1968

Sleep Safe and Warm”     Claudine Longet     1968

San Juan”     Reparata & the Delrons     1969

Once on a Sunday Morning”     The Tremeloes     1969

The Brain”     The American Breed     1969

The Ballad of Virgin Soldiers”     Leon Bibb      1970

We Can Make It Girl”     Bert Kaempfert     1970

Between Winston Salem & Nashville”     Don Cherry     1970

Speak Softly Love” (Godfather Theme)     Al Martino     1972

Once Is Not Enough”     Henry Mancini     1975

Theme from Lipstick”     Rhythm Heritage     1977

Love Theme” [from Star Trek]     Shaun Cassidy     1980

Amusing to discover Trini Lopez  not sole songwriter behind 1966’s “Trini’s Tune”

Trini's Tune (sort of)

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