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King Truck Driver Bluegrass 45

Fans of both bluegrass and truck-driving country music take note:  “Prayer of a Truck Driver’s Son” was recorded by The Stanley Brothers In Cincinnati’s King Studios on September 20, 1965.  King issued the song as a B-side for “Never Again” in July, 1966.

Gary B. Reid writes in The Music of The Stanley Brothers —

“Prayer of a Truck Driver’s Son” is one of the few recitations that the Stanleys ever recorded.  Ralph related, “I was living in Florida, and I got up about three o’clock one morning and I got three songs on my mind and, afraid I’d forget it, I got up and wrote three songs.  ‘Prayer of a Truck Driver’s Son’ was one of ’em.  ‘I Feel Like Going Home,’ I wrote that.  And ‘Vision of a Promised Land ,’ I wrote that.”

Prayer of a Truck Driver’s Son

The Stanley Brothers (1965)

“Prayer of a Truck Driver’s Son” would also be included on a pair of 1966 King LPs — A Collection of Original Gospel & Sacred Songs and The Greatest Country and Western Show on Earth — as well as 1970 LP Sweeter Than the Flowers (released on Starday imprint, Nashville),1971 Japanese LP Stanley Brothers (part of the ‘College Country Series’), 1983 Gusto LP Collector’s Edition 1983 – Volume 6, and 2008 UK CD compilation The Stanley Brothers:  The Later King Years.

The Stanley Brothers –

King Collectibles

Link to some of the more expensive Stanley Brothers vinyl on the resale market, including these two King albums below that both fetched exactly two hundred dollars.

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