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King Records: Safety Conscious

King Records, as noted in last year’s piece about The Impacs, was not known for its twangin’ surf sounds.  “Seat Belts Please” by The Exports, intriguingly, would straddle the same line between garage and surf as The Impacs and include a secondary riff [beginning at the 0:34 mark] that would sound right at home on a Los Straitjackets album:

Seat Belts Please”      The Exports     1964

This instrumental B-side would serve in a supporting role for the first of two 45s released on King by The Exports.  Note the hilariously slower playback speed of this other version of “Seat Belts Please” uploaded onto YouTube.  Or, try a third version that’s closer in pitch to the first one but still noticeably slower.

Ruppli’s King Labels discography informs me that Syd Nathan leased the two sides of this first Exports 45, which doesn’t surprise me, since this twangin’ surf sound is out of character for King.

Exports 45-aaRuppli also tells me that The Exports would record four sides for King, who would only issue two of them for their second and final single “Always It’s You” b/w “Mustang ’65.”

Exports 45-bb“Seat Belts Please” was co-written by prolific composer & King artist, Sonny Thompson, with Chuck Bernard, who also released quite a few singles from the late 1950 to the mid-70s under his own name.

Hang Twelve!  This is the 12th piece tagged as Surf

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