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“Jackson”: Public’s Help Sought in Identifying Artist

As soon as I picked up this album and felt the lightweight textured paper, I knew right away that this record was from outside the “West” – in this case, Romania:

C & W Greatest Hits

Much of this album is a mystery since there are practically no credits, but I’m guessing it came out in the mid-to-late 70s.

Check out the song selections – and Johnny Cash’s looming shadow:

Side 1

1. “Give My Love to Rose” (Johnny Cash from his Sun catalog);  2. “Oh Susanna”;            3. “Frank[y] and Johnny” (song made famous by Johnny Cash but actually over 100 years old);  4. “She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain”; 5. “Jackson” (Johnny Cash yet again)

Side 2

6. “She’s Gone”;  7. “Sunday Morning Coming [to] Down” (also made famous by Cash);   8. “My Old Kentucky Home”;  9. “Willow Tree”;  10. “Red River Valley”;  11. “Paper Roses”

It says “greatest hits,” so it gives the appearance of being a compilation of various artists.  But then you listen to it and find out there is but one artist.


I find that very funny.

Anyway, “Jackson” – Johnny & June Carter Cash’s big declaration of love from 1967 – is easily the coolest thing on this album:

Jackson – Romanian All-Stars

[Pssst:  Click on the triangle above to play “Jackson” by Artist Unknown.]

Could this possibly be another musical prank from Jonathan King?

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