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“Jackson”: Public’s Help Sought in Identifying Artist

As soon as I picked up this album and felt the lightweight textured paper, I knew right away that this record was from outside the “West” – in this case, Romania:

C & W Greatest Hits

Much of this album is a mystery since there are practically no credits, but I’m guessing it came out in the mid-to-late 70s.

Check out the song selections – and Johnny Cash‘s looming shadow:

Side 1

01. “Give My Love to Rose” (Johnny Cash from his Sun catalog)

02. “Oh Susanna

03. “Frank[y] and Johnny” (song made famous by Johnny Cash but actually over 100 years old)

04. “She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain

05. “Jackson” (Johnny Cash yet again)

Side 2

06. “She’s Gone

07. “Sunday Morning Coming [to] Down” (also made famous by Cash)

08. “My Old Kentucky Home

09. “Willow Tree

10. “Red River Valley

11. “Paper Roses

It says “greatest hits,” so it gives the appearance of being a compilation of various artists.  But then you listen to it and find out there is but one artist.


I find that very funny.

Anyway, “Jackson” – Johnny and June Carter Cash’s public declaration of love from 1967 – is easily the coolest thing on this album:

Jackson – Romanian All-Stars

[Pssst:  Click on the triangle above to play “Jackson” by Artist Unknown]

Could this possibly be another musical prank from Jonathan King?


LINK to Obscure 45 Sides +/- Album Tracks

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