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“It Could Have Been Better”: It Could Have Been an A-Side

Discovered a great song – “It Could Have Been Better”- from Joan Armatrading’s debut album that was included on a 1973 sampler album of A&M artists (in partnership with Altec sound equipment) entitled, Odyssey:Odyssey - Altec + A&M

According to the Wikipedia entry for Joan’s 1972 debut album, Whatever’s for Us – the song ‘It Could Have Been Better’ is said to have been one of Elton John’s favorite songs at that time.   Surprisingly, this song did not enjoy single release – even as a B-side:

Whatever’s for Us was the only album recorded by Joan Armatrading and Pam Nestor, who together wrote over 100 songs in the space of three years. Cube records released the album as a Joan Armatrading work and attributed little credit to Nestor – a situation that ultimately sewed discord between the two writers.

Pam Nestor & Joan Armatrading

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