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Insanely Rare, Impressively Different

Fascinating how Felix Harris‘s sole recording — 1972’s “Walkin’ in the Night” 45 released on Cincinnati’s Counterpart Records — would be highly coveted by UK vinyl enthusiasts nearly 40 years later.  According to the soul music aficionado who posted this recording on YouTube  Felix Harris’s single is (says John Manship) “insanely rare, impressively different”:

“Walkin’ in the Night”     Felix Harris     1972

This Shad O’Shea-produced seven-inch appears to be Felix Harris’s entire recorded output.

Felix Harris 45

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  1. We’ve been enjoying the Shad O’Shea/Counterpart posts. We couldn’t remember why the name seemed familiar until we googled him and checked out this video: in which Shad regales a small group of friends with some great shaggy dog stories – so great that we now think of that genre as “Shad O’Shea stories”. Anyway we remembered that we had encountered the video before while researching this 45: which turns out to be one of several novelty 45s that he wrote and performed – this one a riff on the CB fad of the time.

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