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“Holy Mount Zion” + Dub = “I a See”

Thanks to RiddimGuide, I was able to ascertain that “I a See” is a dub version of the Nyabinghi chant, “Holy Mount Zion” by Count Ossie with the Zion All-Stars.

Compare the original 7″ vinyl mix of “Holy Mount Zion” with this version by Dub Specialist entitled, “I a See” from classic Studio One dub & instrumental album, Juk’s Incorporation:

I a See – Studio One All-Stars

[Pssst:  Click the triangle above to play “I a See” by The Studio One All-Stars.]

Had I never listened to the original song, “Holy Mount Zion,” I never would have known that Dub Specialist added a double-time kick drum track to “liven” the proceedings just a bit in his embellished version.

Holy Mount Zion 45

This heavy 1970 single features a King Stitt DJ excursion on the flip, “Be a Man Version.”

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