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“Hold It Baby”: Swedish Soul

Sweden’s Slam Creepers, judging solely by their name, sounds like a band of relatively recent vintage (e.g., 1980s hardcore?), and yet, their first single from 1966 is among the earliest releases for Sweden’s Bill Records.

The following year, Slam Creepers’ “After Leaving You” would be included on a seven-inch flexi-disc — as part of Bildjournalen‘s series of various artists flexi-discs — sharing space with The Hollies and fellow Swedish ensemble, Lucas.

Slam Creepers

on flexi-disc!

Slam Creepers flexi-disc

Two years later in 1969, Slam Creepers would find themselves in another “shared” arrangement — a 12-inch “Shelby Singleton product,” wherein the band would rub shoulders on the same LP with Jeannie C. Riley, The Hep Stars, and Mister “Cincinnati Kid” himself, Prince Buster!

The Hep Stars

whose membership included future ABBA founder, Benny AnderssonGreat Youth Festival LP-x


Did You Know?

Title of the Hep Stars’ first album: 

We And Our Cadillac

Olga LP 01


The Great Youth Festival includes “Hold It Baby,” a driving rock ‘n’ soul number by Slam Creepers that was only issued as a B-side in Sweden and cannot be found on either of their two albums:

“Hold It Baby”

Slam Creepers (1968)

Worth considering  how “radical” it was in 1969 to release a sampler album that co-mingled late ’60s country (Riley), Jamaican rocksteady (Buster), and Swedish pop (Slam Creepers & The Hep Stars) — albeit one that was issued for the Spanish market.

Be sure to check out Slam Creepers’ infectious, singalong “rock ‘n’ soul” hit, “We Are Happy People“:

From a typography standpoint, I am intrigued that Slam Creepers utilized — as did their American musical colleagues, The Afro-Blues Quintet Plus One — the “Future Shock” typeface for the cover of their 1967 debut album:

Slam Creepers LPAfro Blues LP-x

Q = Any LPs with this “Future Shock” typeface earlier than 1967?

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