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“Hitchcock Railway”: Train Line of Liberation

Hitchcock Railway” – the A-side of a 1968 RCA single by José Feliciano released here and abroad – made the Top 100 here in the US (#77) and Top 40 in Australia (#20):

Musical Personnel

José Feliciano – vocals & guitar

Ray Brown – string bass

Jim Gordon – drums

Jim Horn – flute improvisations & recorder

Mike Melvoin – organ & horn arrangements

Milt Holland – percussion (elsewhere on album)

Arranged by Al Capps

Produced by Rick Jarrard

Hitchcock Railway 45

“Hitchcock Railway” kicks off side two of 1968’s, Souled, an album that hit #24 on the pop album chart, as well as #4 R&B, and #5 on Canada’s albums chart. and #6 in Australia.  “Hitchcock Railway” would also be covered by Joe Cocker for his 1969 debut album.

Record World‘s ‘Latin American’ beat reports in the September 28, 1968 issue

RCA Records is rushing into release a new single, “Hitchcock Railway” by José Feliciano, in the midst of a wave of success both as a record artist and as an in-person performer.  Feliciano is riding high on the popular, rhythm and blues, country and western, and jazz charts with both his album Feliciano! and single, ‘Light My Fire.

On Sept. 26 through Oct. 13 he will be headlining at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and soon after begins taping the first Bob Hope-Bing Crosby “road” television special.  Feliciano’s activities will also take him into the motion picture field, when he sings on the new Quincy Jones soundtrack for the Columbia film, McKenna’s Gold.  This year Feliciano will be featured on his own Spanish language television program which will be syndicated to Latin-American stations throughout the United States.

Feliciano’s success with his Latin American recordings for RCA in the United States is an established pattern and he is currently on the Latin-American best-selling charts with his single “La Copa Rota.

Feliciano, blind since birth, was born in Puerto Rico but was brought to New York City when he was very young.  “Hitchcock Railway” was recorded in RCA’s Coast studios and produced by Rick Jarrard, RCA’s Pop A&R West Coast Producer.

As with Porter Wagoner, RCA would go on to release multiple albums per year by José Feliciano during the peak of his popularity.


Staggering OutputAn RCA Thing

Jose Feliciano

Year    # of albums

1965          1

1966          2

1967          3

1968          3

1969          4

1970          2

1971          4

1972          3

1973          2

1974          2

1975          1

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