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Hager Twins: Holding the World’s Hands

Jim and John Hager – like the Chaparral Brothers – were (1) identical twins, who (2) once recorded for Capitol.  Unlike the Chaparral Brothers, the Hager Twins (1) would perform on TV’s Hee Haw from 1969 to 1986, and (2) get close to a Top 40 Country hit in 1969 with “Gotta Get to Oklahoma (‘Cause California’s Gettin’ to Me)” which has a nice lyrical twist.

At the Arbutus Record Show I also took home 1970’s Two Hagers Are Better Than One, the duo’s second album, and I discovered (in a spooky twist) that this major label recording – like the debut album from Capitol’s other twins, the Chaparral Brothers – was not listed in for some quizzical reason.

The Hagers - front coverThe Hager Twins would record three albums for Capitol, yet – like the Chaparral Brothers – these albums have not been reissued or anthologized.  Searching for recordings by The Hagers on Amazon is a maddeningly elusive task unless you employ the search phrase “Hagers Capitol,” which then pulls up any Capitol LPs & 45s currently being traded by other vendors.

The Hagers - rear coverSays K. Vincent in his liner notes to 1970’s Two Hagers Are Better Than One:

“Freddie [Hart]’s ‘The Whole World Holding Hands’ stands out with just the kind of lyric John and Jim can believe in.  It hopes for shoes for everybody’s feet, green grass, and love that children can understand.”

Capitol would release two singles from Two Hagers Are Better Than One, and neither would include “The Whole World Holding Hands“:

[Psst:  Click on the triangle to hear “The Whole World Holding Hands” by The Hagers]

Hagers 45Thanks (yet) again to PragueFrank for the discographical details.

The Hagers:  Capitol 45s

  • “Gotta Get To Oklahoma” / “Your Tender Loving Care”  [10-1969]
  • “Loneliness Without You” / “Give It Time”  [02-1970]
  • “Goin’ Home To Your Mother” / “I’m Not Going Back To Jackson”  [05-1970]
  • “Silver Wings” / “Flowers Need Sun, Too”  [ca. 09-1970]
  • “I’m Miles Away” / “Loony Caboose”  [01-1971]
  • “White Line Fever” / “Motherhood, Apple Pie And The Flag”  [05-1971]

The Hagers:  Capitol LPs

  • The Hagers:  Loneliness Without You; I’m Her Fun; Tracks; Your Tender Loving Care; I Don’t Wanna Make It; Gotta Get To Oklahoma (‘Cause California’s Gettin’ To Me); With Lonely; I’m Not Going Back To Jackson; Give It Time; Goin’ Home To Your Mother  [03-1970]
  • Two Hagers Are Better Than One:  Silver Wings; The Whole World Holding Hands; I’m Jesse James; Flowers Need Sun, Too; Loony Caboose; That’s My Love; Second Fiddle; The Last Time; I’m Miles Away; Gamblin’ Man  [09-1970]
  • Motherhood, Apple Pie And The Flag:  Motherhood, Apple Pie And The Flag; White Line Fever; Silver Threads And Golden Needles; Four Strong Winds; Ft. Worth I Love You; Freight Train Fever; Break My Mind; I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight; California On My Mind; Back Out On The Road Again  [03-1971]

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