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“Good Day Sunshine”: Roy Redmond, Man of Mystery

It would appear that Roy Redmond recorded two 45s – both on Loma, a Warner Brothers subsidiary – and then, mysteriously, nothing more.  Redmond’s inspired and soulful take on “Good Day Sunshine” from The Beatles’ startling and forward-thinking Revolver — named in 2010 as the best pop album of all time by the official newspaper of the Holy See, L’Osservatore Romano — must have caught commercial heat some point after its release in August 1967, since Loma, curiously enough, issued the single again in February 1968:

“Good Day Sunshine”     Roy Redmond     1967

Both singles produced, arranged, and conducted by the late Jerry Ragavoy.

Roy Redmond non-promo 45

Loma Records and the King Connection

Loma Records was established in 1964 in order for Warner Brothers to capitalize on the emerging soul market – but almost exclusively as a singles label.  Bob Krasnow, who ran the San Francisco branch of King Records from 1958-1964, was tapped by Warner Brothers to run Loma Records from its founding until the label ceased operations in 1968.

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